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CNP Championship Canceled

The Canadian National Pond Hockey Championship’s have been cancelled for 2015. This major winter tradition which has been a tradition for a long period of time & has thousands attend in Huntsville. The event won’t be happening this year due to weather, this is due to the unfortunate change in weather that Canada has on […]

Hockey Fans Throw 28,000 Teddy Bears

Sports fans are known to celebrate the success of their teams in various ways, rather that be through wearing team memorabilia or flooding the streets, chanting the teams name. This time around fans of the Calgary Hitmen showed their love for their team & charity by throwing twenty-eight thousand different teddy bears. There’s footage of […]

Hundreds Gather to Honor Firefighter

Hundreds of people in the Kettering area gathered at the “Kettering Rec Center” in order to honor a lost but never forgotten firefighter/paramedic. This hero saved dozens of lives throughout his time as a professional Firefighter/Paramedic. He unfortunately passed away in a car crash on September 19th, 2015. Officers determined that it was a drunk […]

Yearly CN Canadian Alumni Game around Corner

The CN Canadian Alumni Challenge Game is a game that has been played since 2002. Its birth has been able to provide more than $2.75 Million to various charity organizations in Canada. This charity game alone was able to raise a total of $400,000 through various donations last year. This year it’s expected that these […]

Toronto FC Loses To Manchester City

The Toronto FC, currently the MLS’s fifth position team in the eastern seaboard lost to Manchester City last night. The beloved team played against Manchester City with great ferocity but unfortunately lost to the team 81 Minutes into the game. None the less the fact that Toronto FC was able to keep up with the […]

ScotiaBank Sponsors Pond Hockey across Ontario

ScotiaBank is one of the leading banks in the country of Canada. It has been able to provide people with the trustworthy banking services needed in order to survive in our day to day life. Today is was revealed that ScotiaBank is sponsoring a series of pond hockey events across Ontario during the next upcoming […]

2015 Winter Classic Put On Hold

The Winter Classic continues to be seen as one of the most beloved traditions in the National Hockey League. It is the winter classic that has helped shape the careers of NHL Players currently playing in the league. Young children see their favorite hockey players out on the open rink, playing in the snow and […]

Toronto Community Morns Pat Quinn’s Passing

Pat Quinn, one of the most renowned hall of fame NHL Hockey Players has passed away at the age of seventy one. This came as a shock to many people across Canada & the United States of America. In Canada Pat Quinn was a man who influenced multiple generations of young children into pursuing hockey. […]

Gordie Howe Suffers Bad Stroke

Gordie Howe is the former Right Wing for the Detroit Red Wings, originally from Canada he is now eighty six years old and has unfortunately suffered from a massive stroke as of last Thursday night. Mr. Howe’s daughter Cathy told the press of his condition, noting that he has lost complete function of his right […]

Downtown Sydney, Australia Hockey Game Stops Traffic

Normally, when playing road hockey you find that you often must move the nets, gather up your gear, move to the side of the road and repeat the process due to traffic. Luckily this wasn’t the case this passing weekend when a road hockey game occurred in Downtown Sydney, Australia. A road hockey game was […]