ScotiaBank Sponsors Pond Hockey across Ontario

ScotiaBank is one of the leading banks in the country of Canada. It has been able to provide people with the trustworthy banking services needed in order to survive in our day to day life. Today is was revealed that ScotiaBank is sponsoring a series of pond hockey events across Ontario during the next upcoming weekends. These hockey events are being held as ponds that have more than enough ice to sustain the weight of all of these players, in Canada during the winter season this isn’t hard to find.


The profits that are going to be earned through these charity events will be donated to the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation & Toronto Sick Kids Hospital Foundation. ScotiaBank is hoping to raise more than $40,000 so that they can write a check of $20,000 to both of the foundations they are holding these charity events for. Already there are twenty four teams that have registered for these events across Ontario & a maximum of thirty two teams will be able to enter. On February 23rd to 25th all of these charity games will be held across the province. Hopefully this in return will allow for them to reach their goals and provide these foundations with money which will save lives.

This is why ScotiaBank is considered to be one of the best in Canada, as a bank they take it upon themselves to be a role model which is commendable. We’ll keep you posted on the amount raised through these pond hockey charity event games.

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