Toronto FC Loses To Manchester City

The Toronto FC, currently the MLS’s fifth position team in the eastern seaboard lost to Manchester City last night. The beloved team played against Manchester City with great ferocity but unfortunately lost to the team 81 Minutes into the game. None the less the fact that Toronto FC was able to keep up with the Premier League’s highest scoring team for such a long period of time without their defense breaking is incredible feet on its own.


The reasoning for this is due to the previous two seasons seeing Toronto making major strides in their lineup of players. This is because they’ve begun purchasing players who already have a strong record as a football player, this is why players like Bradley have begun to better TFC’s chances at not only competing against some of the best teams in the globe but has also allowed for them have a chance at entering the playoff’s this year.

Manchester City was able to have control of the ball for the majority of the time during those ninety minutes of game time. During the second half after a series of call backs Toronto was able to even the odds which allowed for them to have four opportunities at making a goal. None the less TFC wasn’t able to break the Man City defence which ultimately led to their defense breaking & Manchester City winning this special event game.

This match received a large amount of criticism from fans, the globe and mail and media outlets around the GTA. The reasoning is because TFC and MLS have become popular on their own, putting the players up against Premier League veterans only demeans the fans & the Toronto Football Club.

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