Downtown Sydney, Australia Hockey Game Stops Traffic

Normally, when playing road hockey you find that you often must move the nets, gather up your gear, move to the side of the road and repeat the process due to traffic. Luckily this wasn’t the case this passing weekend when a road hockey game occurred in Downtown Sydney, Australia. A road hockey game was held in Downtown Sydney in order to raise money for the Cape Breton Regional Hospital.


This wasn’t just your average game of road hockey though, it was a full on tournament with a total of seventy teams playing in seven different divisions. Eight roads were blocked off from traffic in Downtown Sydney, those looking to drive on those roads were diverted to another way. Those of all ages and skill levels were welcome to this fundraiser, depending on your age and skill level you’d be placed in a different division than others. A total of $45,000 was raised for the Cape Breton Regional Hospital and the Hospital Foundation is already working on next year’s tournament.

Each game played lasted a total of forty five to fifty minutes, playing fifteen minute round periods. There were also vendors on site, lots of families came out to watch their children or loved ones play hockey and this brought more awareness to the hospital. Overall this proved to be one of the best fundraisers in the Cape Breton Regional Hospital’s history. The tournament lasted a total of three days, from Friday September 19th to Sunday September 21st.

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