2015 Winter Classic Put On Hold

The Winter Classic continues to be seen as one of the most beloved traditions in the National Hockey League. It is the winter classic that has helped shape the careers of NHL Players currently playing in the league. Young children see their favorite hockey players out on the open rink, playing in the snow and it inspires them to do the same. Dozens of Professional NHL Players have stated that it was the Winter Classic that inspired them to play hockey. Unfortunately this dream shaping hockey game is going to be put on hold of the year of 2015 which has sent shockwaves through hockey communities all across Northern America.


Unfortunately this year has proven to be odd for weather patterns across the Northern State’s & Canada, this has resulted in winter postponing itself for a short period of time. Only now after Christmas is Ontario, the largest province in Canada seeing signs of winter truly starting to come alive. This means that we will have to way until early to mid February in order to view the winter classic instead of having to wait until mid January like every other year. It’s also unknown as of right now as to which two teams will be pitted against one another for the winter classic, you can be ensured that it’ll be two of the best teams in the NHL as this game doesn’t count as a season game.

Those wanting to watch the 2015 Winter Classic will have to wait until February of 2015 to view it. We will inform you of any changes or updates revealed regarding this year’s winter classic.

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