TV Marketing Add For William Hill Successful

William Hill recently put a new television add across the United Kingdom and other countries. This marketing campaign showed William Hills new application on the iPhone/iPad. After the ad originally aired William Hill saw a massive increase in downloads for their casino, within an hour after the ad aired it was the App Stores number one free mobile casino.

William Hill announced that eleven thousand people downloaded their application in less than one week after their commercial was broadcaster into the air. It is suspected that number will increase to thirty thousand by the end of next week. This just shows you that television marketing for online gambling is one of the most profitable forms of marketing in the world.

The director of gaming for William Hill Interactive James Curwen commented on the successful television ad campaign saying, “It’s been wonderful to see a massive increase in downloads for our mobile software. The games we provide are visually appealing, the gameplay is out of this world and the experience you will have will blow you away. We suspect our mobile platform to grow even more within the coming weeks”.

William Hill estimates that there will be thirty two thousand winners by the end of the 2013 year on their mobile platform. A huge majority of those players coming from the promotional ad released by Williams Hill Interactive.

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