Three internet gambling cafes from Florida shut down

This week there were three online gambling cafes from Florida that had to be shut down for breaking the laws related to gambling.

The three cafes were operating from Hernando and Brookesville, these are two counties from Florida and the authorities that did the raid were controlled by the local sheriffs. At the time when this article was written there weren’t any information revealed regarding the number of people that were arrested or what was the equipment that had to be confiscated by the authorities.

An interesting fact just happened in Florida since there were recently a few new major laws that were passed in order to outlaw the online gambling cafes which were recently involved into a major scam scandals after their businesses were exposed. At the same time there were also some important politicians that were taken down along with this scam.

Now the glamour, the flashing lights and the spinning wheels of the internet gambling cafes is all gone. These “internet sweepstakes cafes” where there were gambling related machines have been shut down and hopefully those commercial spaces will bring something that might be a little bit more useful for the people that are visiting.

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