South African Woman enters guilty plea

A woman from South Africa earlier on this week plead guilty to her criminal actions. Throughout the last year this South African woman stole over 2.6 Million Rubies while working for her previous employer. This isn’t the first time that an employee has stolen money from their employers in order to feed their online gambling addiction. This only shows that online casinos need to have more security protocols in place so that situations such as this one doesn’t happen again.

Lizette Stassen, the woman who has been charged with stealing money from her employer worked for a non-profit gay rights group called “Out”. She was the head of the financial services sector where a large amount of the funds that the organization would receive would end up to her. She would forge checks, use company credit cards and send funds to her e-wallets in order to feed her addiction.

The funds in which she stole was deposits at a variety of online casinos. She’d also use the money in order to finance her own vacations and buy luxurious items. “Out” came out speaking about their former employee saying, “Due to Miss. Stassen’s actions we have had to cancel certain projects and reduce our costs. This in return means we won’t be able to help out as many of our citizens who are gay. We are shocked and disappointed that she’d do something like this. We are just happy that this has gone public as she won’t be able to find another job such as this one again.”
Miss. Stassen plead guilty to her actions but she refused to pay back any of the funds that she took. She is now awaiting her sentence which is sure to be a long time due to the sensitive nature of this case.

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