Red Wings want to finish off Chicago in 5 games!

The Detroit Red Wings are hoping to win this series against Chicago Blackhawks in 5 games. The difference this year is that the Red Wings will be the one hunting for the win and not be the ones being preyed upon.

The Red Wings have a 3-1 lead in this series and things are looking good for them to reach their goal however it is fair to say that Chicago will be doing their best to even up the series. The level of anxiety is rather high as game 5 is to begin. Daniel Cleary of the Red Wings stated that the other team are champions and understands they are winners and known for tough games on the ice who fully understand that the hardest game you play is the one when the other team is facing elimination. He stated that it will be the toughest game the Red Wings will face all season.

The Red Wings are no strangers to being in a position facing elimination themselves and in fact were in that exact position in game 6 against the Mighty Ducks. It will be an interesting and high energy game with hopes that Detroit will wrap this one up early.

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