Rangers Buy Out Brad Richards

The New York Rangers revealed today that they have bought out the rest of Brad Richards contract with them. The reason for this is because Richards has been a long time player for the New York Rangers, they signed him for a nine year contract but have only kept him on for six years. Brad Richards is now thirty four years old and he is slowly leaving his prime that he once had three years ago. With each passing year the coaches for the New York Rangers saw that Brad Richards progressively was losing their skill.

Brad Richards

Brad Richards said the following, “It has been my honor to have been a part of the New York Rangers for the last six years. It has been an impressive career to say at least. During the course of my career I was able to make twenty goals and thirty one assists. I loved spending each season with my brothers and they will be forever missed. I hope that I am picked up by some other team for next season as I’m personally not ready to leave the NHL as of right now.”

During the course of the next twelve years Brad Richards will receive twenty million dollars. He will receive a Bi-Weekly check which will allow for him to continue to live his life financially safe until he is picked up by another team.
We will keep you updated on any information relating towards Brad Richards future in the NHL.

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