Online Gambling more popular than football/movies in Italy

A study made by the Observatory for Online Gaming at Milan Polytechnic reported that online gambling in the second largest form of entertainment for the Italian citizens. Online gambling is beating movies and football as a form of entertainment in the country.

This revealing report states that last year the citizens of Italy wagered over seven hundred and forty nine million dollars as a whole. This is double the amount that was spent at the movies and triple the amount that football stadiums had in profit. This is a shocking study that no one thought to be true until proven by Milan Polytechnic.

The study also goes on to show that the demographics for online gambling in Italy is male players from the southern and central regions of the country. Male’s between the ages of 25 and 45 are the ones choosing to gamble online.

Online gambling never used to be this popular in Italy but once smart phones and tablets started to integrate the online gambling industry onto their devices over twenty million Italians have signed up with new mobile/online casinos. Italy only expects the amount of revenue from online gambling to increase over the years as the games become more fluent and enjoyable for all.

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