Massachusetts pushes to legalize online gambling

There has been a surprising push in Massachusetts relating to online gambling as the State House went and made an amendment to the budget to include licensing for 3 intrastate card rooms.

There were 16 representatives who introduced the changes including Representatives Jones, Peterson, Hill, Poirier, Barrows, Beaton, Boldyga, Durant, Ferguson, Gifford, Harrington, Howitt, Humason, Hunt, Kuros, Mirra, Smolaand Wong all present and voting in favor of the new amendment.

This amendment is worded in a such a way that it would require those operators to pay $10 million each for a license however this fee would be returned by way of a tax credit over two years. Additional monthly operating fees would also be applied by the state. A clause been added to ensure those who failed to adhere to the UIGEA would be prevented from ever operating within the state.

This seems to be an ever changing subject with more states coming on board and looking into licensing possibilities in order to generate new revenue sources.

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