Late Night Channel 4 Movies are now sponsored by 32 Red

One of the most important online gambling brands from United Kingdom: 32 Red has just signed an important sponsorship plan with the Channel 4 and the site will be now featured at the Film 4 programs, which are broadcasted between 11pm and 1am.

The deal was signed for the following 12 months and it allows them to have an exposure to more than 12 million viewers that are watching the program every week. The TV advertising that will be done is using some animated films and they will honor Saul Bass, an outstanding filmmaker from the UK. And everything is going to be featured during the “Late Night Film”.

The 32Red officials said that they are happy with the deal that is able to feature them on one of the major television programs from the UK. The 32Red Casino is going to get a major exposure and they are confident that it will increase a lot the popularity of the brand across the country.

At the same time the officials from the Channel 4 are also delighted with this new deal and they think that this new contract is able to offer benefits to both parties and it will prove to be a success.

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