Hockey School Celebrates Fifth Year In Operation

David Arduin is somewhat of a town hero in Gibson, New York. David opened up a hockey school five years ago called the “Sunshine Coast Hockey School”, throughout the years the school has continued to grow in popularity which has allowed for Mr. Arduin to continue to operate the school ever Summer. The school is held at the Gibson Area Community Centre between June 18th and August 22nd. During those days students who have registered are able to learn a bunch of tips and tricks from David, the assistant coach for the University of New York hockey team and players playing on the University’s team.

Sunshine Coast Hockey School

It is a great program that has sparked a lot of interest in the community, bringing on a celebration for its fifth year running and ending. They help a BBQ and two final games at the Gibson’s Area Community Centre, brining in parents and children from the program. This year they saw twenty five children sign up for the Pee Wee Division, Sixteen Children sign up for the Novice Division and thirty two young teenagers sign up for the midget division. This is the largest year that the school has ever seen in its history, all of this attention will only allow for the Sunshine Coast Hockey School to become more popular next year.

David said the following to reporters, “I’m glad I could come home again and make this happen with the SCRD. I want to keep coming back and putting this school on. If I can help to improve hockey here on the Sunshine Coast and show these guys that there can be doors opened up through hockey.”

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