High Society Released By Microgaming

High Society is a new video slot that has been brought to you by one of the largest gambling giants in the industry, Microgaming. High Society will be available on all of the platforms offered by Microgaming.

High Society, a 5 reel, 25 payline slot designed around a millionaires lifestyle offers Gold Bars, Silver Bars, Cherries, Gold Watches, Diamond Rings, Mansions, Jewels and Yachts as some of the symbols you will see while playing. This game also boasts a variety of features to enjoy such as a Super Multiplier Bonus Round, Wild Reels, Free Spins and more. You will be able to trigger a maximum 10x multiplier through the Super Multiplier Bonus Round.


A representative from Microgaming stated, “Microgaming has been able to remain as the leader in gambling technology. Each month we work towards delivering a seamless experience that cannot be matched by our competitors. High Society is a stepping stone for us as software developers, it marks the first slot that we have released across all of our platforms at the same time. You can experience this slot rather you be at home or rather you be on the train going to work.”

They continue saying, “We shall work towards releasing every one of the games we develop in the future across all of our platforms. Microgaming believes that mobile gambling is the future and will become more popular than online gambling ever has.”

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