Godzilla Brings In $93.8 Million On Opening Weekend

Godzilla, the new monster action film that has been highly advertised online and on Television came out last Friday. On opening weekend Godzilla was able to bring in $93.8 Million, Godzilla now stands as the highest grossing film on opening weekend for 2014 so far. This comes as a shock to nearly everyone in the film industry as blockbuster films such as Captain America: The Winter Solider wasn’t able to bring in as much money on opening weekend though all together Captain America stands as the highest grossing film of the year in general.


Industry Analysts believe that Godzilla was able to bring in a large amount of money due to Bryan Cranston, the star of breaking bad and now Godzilla. Mr. Cranston is now famous around the world due to playing the role of Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad. There have been many films in the past that have done the same thing, they star A-List Actors for a horrible film and turn an incredible profit. Godzilla has been getting horrible reviews from critics and the general public for being your average monster flick.

When asked about how Godzilla is now the fastest grossing film for an opening weekend in 2014, Bryan Cranston said the following: “We knew that Godzilla was going to be able to bring in a mass amount of money but never did we think it’d be this much. I’m incredibly happy as this is an amazing movie that everyone should go see. I can only hope that the film will continue to rise in success.”

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