Damien Brunner 2 Goals shy of top league scorer

Red Wings Damien Brunner is just two goal short of the lead for the NHL’s top scores position. The Swiss players arrived in Detroit with the right attitude to get back to playing and focusing on contributing to what is left of this year’s shortened season. His focus was to achieve his own personal set goals and failed to even realize the dominance he has had as a league top scorer.

When Damien BDamien Brunnerrunner was asked how he felt about being only two goal behind the league’s top scorer he gave a surprized look was disbelief and stated “ “I have to be honest with you. Since I got here I feel like I have no time to study the stats, because I’m always sleeping and recovering and eating. I know that I have 10, but I have no idea, who is leading the league right now.”

Brunner was definitely on his game however when the Red Wings took on the Vancouver Canucks at the Joe Louis Arena. Brunner was able to achieve his first NHL career multiple-point game as the Red Wings shattered Vancouver with a 8-3 win.


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