Bologna FC gets sponsorship deal with 32Red

Internet Betting Firm 32Red just released that they have signed a sponsorship deal with the Football team Bologna FC. They are a part of the Italian Series football league.

This deal will allow for 3DRed to access the stadium’s branding rather it be online or offline within the stadium itself. You will now see the 32Red logo all across the Bologna FC Brand, their website and in their stadium.

This deal was created with a goal in mind. 32Red wants to start making online casinos more popular within Italy and by sponsoring one of their most beloved teams it will allow for Bologna FC to do just that.

The CEO of 32Red has a few things to say about this deal. He went on to say that we are very proud to be partnering up with Bologna FC, one of the best and oldest football clubs known to Italy. We are a trusted and one of the leading brands for online casinos within the UK and we take notice that Bologna FC is a great way to promote ourselves to greater success.

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