Alice In Wonderland Jackpot Taken At WinADay Casino

Towards midnight of March 31st, 2014 one player was able to land on an impressive jackpot win while playing Alice In Wonderland. This punter was able to win $131,427 at WinADay Casino through this jackpot win.

Alice in Wonderland slot

This marks the first time that the Alice In Wonderland jackpot has been triggered in seven weeks. Normally this jackpot is paid out every nine to eleven weeks which is why this jackpot win is smaller than the normal amount won through this jackpot. On average you will find that the Alice In Wonderland jackpot pays out $183,384.

Alice In Wonderland is a 5 reel, 30 payline slot designed around the classic movie that came decades ago. Once you first launch this slot you will notice that it is designed to resemble the recreated version of Alice In Wonderland, made only a few years ago. The reels consist of the purple cat, heart poker guards, flowers, tea pots and more. Centered around the reels is the background which consists of large mushrooms, gigantic trees, stone pillars and more. This game also features multipliers and wilds.

WinADay commented on this jackpot win saying, “Alice In Wonderland quickly has become one of the most popular slot machines that we’ve ever offered on our casino. Throughout its course of operation at WinADay Casino the jackpot has been triggered multiple times. Each time we write the check for a jackpot win we are thrilled with the thought that we have just drastically changed someone’s life.”

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